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    Since he was a boy, Tom Herman has been an artist. In 1982, he channeled his artistic talents into his new business, Seven Fingers Jewelers, named for his own hand print after having lost three fingers as a child in a Minnesota farming accident. Over the last 30 years, Tom has become a master jewelry maker, renowned for his talents at working with precious stones, metal carving, and unique designs.


   Tom’s timeless pieces are inspired by organic forms and geometric balance. His beautiful carving in gold and platinum reflect these inspirations. In designs that centerpiece precious stones, Tom begins by searching through piles of opals, agates, or other precious materials to find unique stones that, in his words, “are able to take on a greater meaning”. With this vision, Tom cuts each stone and frames it in a way to bring out its natural beauty.


 Throughout his work, Tom has cultivated his talents and created pieces of art that will be worn and admired for many generations to come.


 Tom's son Ethan Herman has been working with him in the studio since 2013.


Ordering Information


All jewelry is individually designed and created. The final price of any piece depends on the design, materials used, and level of carving difficulty.


Price ranges of earrings: $800-5,200


Price ranges of bracelets: $14,000-80,000


Price ranges of brooches: $2,000-$20,000


Ring pricing: $1,800 and up


If you are interested in designing and purchasing a ring:


- Please get an accurate sizing of the finger on which you will wear the ring(an accurate size is when the ring slides on easily and is hard to remove). Rings can be sized to the closest 1/8th measurement. Should you or your local jeweler have any questions when determining your accurate ring size, please contact Tom for assistance.

- Decide how wide you want the ring to be.


With this information, you are ready to contact Tom to further design your ring and determine the pricing. Pricing depends on many variables: material used in ring, size of ring, width of ring, and any precious stones used. Beyond these variables, rings can be designed to be many different patterns, to have more or less negative space, and can be tapered or parallel.


For example, an 18K gold ring, size 6 ½, and 7mm wide is $2,800 in any pattern. As a ring increases per size or 1 mm in width, the price increases by $100. As a rule of thumb, platinum is 50% more expensive than gold. Precious stones are priced as used; for example, 12 half-point diamonds as laurel berries adds $300.


To contact Tom;

You can email from this web site.

You can email direct to

You can text or call  845-853-6643

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